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Drywall Finishing &Texturing

man flattening the wall patty

One of the greatest benefits of using drywall in your home is the vast range of different aesthetic options that you can unlock. While drywall looks clean and functional on its own, it doesn’t do much for the appearance overall. Instead, that comes from the mud, the texturing, and the painting that you apply to the surface. Each one of these can significantly boost up the appeal of any new drywall installation and transform it into something that works much better for you. All you need to do is find a competent and skilled team of drywall specialists, who you can count on to fulfill your needs. Fortunately for you, at Atlanta Drywall Contractors, that is what we do best and you can trust in us for anything that you can imagine. Just let us know the kind of thing that you are looking for and we would be pleased to deliver it every time.

Mud Coating 

The first step in finishing off any new drywall is to give healthy coatings of mud over the surface. Drywall mud is an essential product in the process and gives a clean, even, and usable surface for decoration. It holds paint and texturing materials very well and so, you are never going to want to miss out on a good drywall mud coating. Luckily for you, our team will make sure that you never do and we would be happy to take care of the entire coating process for you.

Mud Sanding 

Following on from this, it is important that you properly sand down the drywall mud to ensure that the surface is smooth enough to use. In turn, these abrasions are only going to make it easier to apply any texture material or paint, so it is always worth applying. Our team takes great care to deliver the sanding process smoothly and evenly, making sure that we get the very best results from the job.


Making use of drywall compound over the surface means that you can explore the wide range of different texturing options available. Each one of these has something unique to offer and our team can be the ones to show you them all. Our most skillful contractors will be capable of bringing you the texture of your choosing, from trowel finishes, combing, popcorn, orange peel, knockdown, swirl, and slap brush. Whichever one you want, be sure to let us know the scale and the spread, and we will make sure that it is applied to perfection.


Following on from the application of the mud or indeed the texture, you will no doubt want to apply fresh paint. This is the ideal way to finish any wall and allows you to create a complete look that sums up your style. You don’t want to be losing out on any quality at this stage as this is going to be the most important and visible thing, which is why it only makes sense to be getting the painting work from us. We’ll bring you the very best in painting and tailor it to your needs, to ensure that you have precisely the walling that you want.

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