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Drywall Repair

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When you are designing and decorating the interior of your home, there is always one material that stands out as best. Without a doubt, drywall is the very best choice that you could make for the inside of your home, offering you security, stability, and a thousand different choices for the aesthetic. It is the most popular material used in the United States today and for good reason. And, if you think that it could be the perfect addition to your property, then you’ll be pleased to hear that premium quality lies just around the corner.

About Us

The number one provider of drywall contractors in Atlanta, GA, we are Atlanta Drywall Contractors. Delivering outstanding drywall services and even better products, we are trusted by both residential and commercial clients, throughout the city. For many years, we have been delivering varied solutions using our premium drywall solutions, always going above and beyond to deliver on the needs of our clients. For us, this is the bare minimum and that is why we continue to be trusted by the people of Atlanta, time and time again.

Our Services

No matter what kind of support you need for your drywall, you can depend on our support. From new drywall installations to replacements and repairs, we are happy to help with any concerns that you have. Only ever making use of the highest quality materials, we know that we can find the solution to anybody’s needs for the product. All you need to do is give us a call and request either of our residential drywall contractors or commercial drywall contractors and let us know exactly the ways that they can help you.

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Drywall Framing

When you are making the installation of new drywall in your home, it is important to properly frame the space for stability. Drywall is a reliable and affordable way to separate rooms in a house, however, only if you are getting quality drywall framing first. So, you are going to want to give our team a call, at Atlanta Drywall Contractors, and find out how we can support you through framing and drywall.

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Drywall Installation

Following on from any new drywall frame installation, you are going to be ready for the panels themselves. Our team is well-known for our superior drywall installation services and people know that they can come to us for a plethora of quality options. Including genuine sheetrock products and a wide variety of different choices for you to make in the way of the aesthetic. Simply let us know what it is that you need in drywall installation and you can leave it to us to deliver.

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Drywall Finishing & Texturing

Nobody wants to leave a new drywall installation looking plain and empty. This does nothing for the looks and comfort of your home and that is why you need your drywall finishing. There are many fantastic options available for your drywall aesthetics, including drywall texturing, ceiling texture patterns, and drywall painting. There really are no limits for what you could do for the looks of your drywall and you can bet that we can be the ones to deliver it. So, just let us know what kind of thing you are looking for and you can trust the rest to us, at Atlanta Drywall Contractors.

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Drywall Repair

There may well come a day when you need to have drywall repairs to fix your damaged installation. Whether for a small hole or crack, it is important to be getting the issue fixed as quickly as you can. So, you are going to want to be calling your best local drywall repairs contractors and making sure that you are getting your unique defect solved effectively. That is why you are going to want to come to us, at Atlanta Drywall Contractors, every time, for one of our expert repairs services. From impact damage to water damage, you can count on our great services for any issues that you have with your drywall.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Few people want to keep their popcorn ceilings these days, due to their tired and dated looks. So, if you would like to restore your ceiling to something cleaner and more modern, you will no doubt want to take advantage of our reliable popcorn ceiling removal services. We’ll be swift and efficient in removing every last inch of popcorn ceiling material, and we can even offer drywall paint repairs to improve the space on completion. Just let us know what you need taking care of and you know you can count on us to deliver it.

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Acoustical Drywall

Living in the city, all of us want to experience a bit more privacy from time to time. We want less sound coming in from the world outdoors and our conversations staying inside our homes. But you could be doing this daily by making the simple home improvement of acoustic drywall. A great way to create a nicer sounding space, while keeping other noise contained, you would no doubt start to see a difference immediately. And, with numerous commercial applications as well, we’re sure that acoustic drywall could have a place in everyone’s properties.

Commercial Drywall - Atlanta Drywall Contractors

Commercial Drywall

We work on residentail and commercial drywall projects.  As commercial drywall contractors in Atlanta, GA, we know what it takes to successfully complete commercial projects in the Atlanta area.  We've worked on everything from small office additions to multistory office buildings to factory warehouses.  Our team of commercial drywall contractors has what it takes to get your commercial drywall work done safely and on time.  When you need commercial drywall done right and on budget, we are the team you want to call to make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average price for drywall repair?

The actual cost varies greatly, depending on the size of the repair, the type of drywal lbeing repaired, and things like height above 6 feet, repair complexity, site access, and whehter or not the repair needs to be painted and textured. The average cost for drywall repair, including paint, can be between $100 - $250 for a smaller repair, or $500 - $1000 for a large repair.

2. How much does it cost to replace a wall of drywall?

The cost to replace an entire wall of drywall will depend on the size of the wall, the type of drywall needed, and whether or not the finished wall needs to be painted and textured. The final cost can be between $800-$1500 for an entire wall.

3. Can I repair drywall myself?

Yes, you can. A very small drywall repair may only need a can of drywall compound or spackle and some tools, while a medium repair or larger will require you to cut out the damaged drywall and insert a new piece, then finish (tape, mud, and sand) the edges so the seams blend in. The hardest part of any drywall repair is drywall finishing (also called mudding and taping), because drywall finishing is more of an art that takes a lot of experience to master. A great physical repair can look terrible if it's not finished well, so we recommend you use an experienced drywall contractor for the drywall finishing step, even if you tackle the rest of the repair. Due to this, for some people it just makes more sense to have a drywall company complete the entire repair.

What Our Customers Say About Us


Top-Quality Work

" Atlanta Drywall Contractors really bring the best drywall company in Georgia. I can always count on them for help with my drywall, knowing I am going to get top-quality.”


– Donald R


Great Price

“Thanks to Atlanta Drywall Contractors, my new wall painting looks great. It’s clean and stylish, and came at a great price too.”


– Kenneth W


Highly Recommended

“I can highly recommend the services of Atlanta Drywall Contractors. They are very professional and know how to get great results from their products.”


– Javier P

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​Drywall is a material that all of us could benefit from, so, it pays off to know who your best local drywall company is. For anyone living in Atlanta, GA, or surrounding areas, you know that is going to be us every time. So, make sure you are giving a call when you need support in drywall and we’ll be glad to bring you the support that you need, every time.